What is Business Video Production?

Business Video Production

How to start a video production company?

  1. First, identify what type of video projects you want to produce and how you want to structure your business.
  2. Draft a business plan that addresses your short- and long-term goals for the company projected expenses for a soundproof studio workspace, equipment, utilities, software, telecommunications, transportation, insurance, payroll, and marketing.
  3. Choose a name for your video production company and register it with your state’s registrar agency. You’ll also need to acquire a business license by paying the applicable fees. Design a professional website that describes your services, lists your rates and fees, and provides sample clips of your work.
  4. Promote your video production business by writing articles and blogs, promote it on social networking channels.

What is the corporate video production process?

Corporate video production typically flows in a step-by-step process:

Pre-production: Developing a budget, brainstorming a concept, and finally writing a script. If a voiceover is required, it is often recorded before jumping into production.

Production: Once a style is determined, a storyboard is created to layout the scene by scene actions. From there, the process is determined by the style.

Live-Action: Production for live-action videos typically include setting a shoot location, hiring talent, and filming with a professional camera & lighting crew.

Animation: Production for animated videos include developing illustrations assets based on the predetermined style and storyboard, and then animating them in After Effects.

Post-production: Once the corporate video is produced, the post-production phase includes any editing required, adding the finishing touches such as additional on-screen graphics, and sound effects.

What is a video production company?

The term ‘video production company’ is broad – anyone from Warner Brothers to sixth form students filming their first marketing video on their iPhone can call themselves a video production company. Usually though, when we use the term ‘video production company’ we’re referring to a team of experienced creative professionals, specializing in producing good quality, well-directed films for marketing or broadcast.
A video production company covers all stages of the film production process, from helping to create the initial concept to exporting the final draft of the video. The steps along the process include creative consultation, scripting, scheduling, providing the kit and crew, casting, shooting, editing, composing the music, managing the sound design, and dealing with the technical side to ensure the film is just right.

How do video productions make money?

A business-savvy videography professional can help local businesses increase market presence through specialty video services. The videographer can create a polished product demonstration video, shoot customer testimonials that highlight satisfied consumers’ experiences, and introduce potential clients to a company through a video tour. Nonprofits can illustrate the value of donors’ contributions. For example, a dog rescue group can showcase its brand-new animal shelter.
One can make money through different social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Social media video has its own visual language, and an understanding of that language is highly valuable to anyone looking to grow an audience.


3 stages of video production?

This is the first step in the video-making process. In this step, an artist will begin to make a storyboard on how they will put together each scene of the video. The first step is to develop a script where someone on the production team writes down the exact things that will happen in the video. With film production, this consists of storyboarding and writing dialogue and what will happen in certain scenes. During the pre-production stage, the most common steps include setting a production schedule, creating graphic concepts, scouting locations, preparing a wardrobe, and preparing for post-production.

The production stage is when the video is actually made. During this stage, the video scenes and segments will officially be shot in real-time. Whenever production takes place, a camera crew will begin to film scenes in movies or segments on a television news broadcast. In the production process, the crew will also focus on lighting, angles, and location to make the video or film production as appealing as possible. In some productions, a crew of graphic artists will create graphics and set pieces to display the environment of a movie or a news broadcast.

After the production of a video or film has been completed, an organization will then undergo the final state which is known as post-production. During the post-production phase, a studio will evaluate the recorded video and audio footage. They will then make sure that the entire video has been recorded as planned. The team will also add the sound effects, visual effects, colours & audio enhancements to finish the piece and have it ready for broadcast or distribution.

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