What is Web Video Production?

Web Video Production

What is Video Production?

Web video production is an informational equipment involved in marketing and communication purposes to convey important messages on behalf of a company. They can feature custom filmed video, voice-over talent, animation, stock footage Etc. The characteristics feature of a web video are:
It has a single focus and target audience.
Web videos entertain, inform and educate its viewers through its content.
It looks more engaging & helps in increasing traffic to the websites.

Presently, web video production is considered as a more effective and popular medium in marketing and advertising for its swiftness in reaching information in any place and time and having broder viewer base. At the same time, it’s an excellent tool to create brand awareness and reputation as they are easily shareable in various platforms.

Video production process includes 3 major steps- Pre-production, production and Post-production. With the growth of technology video can be distributed in different digital formats- such as Moving Picture Experts Group (.mpeg, .mp4, .mpg), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), QuickTime (.mov), Windows Media Video(.wmv) DivX (.divx).

Three Main Stages of Video Production


Pre-production is a process where ideas are brought together into a cohesive plan and objective to reach its target. In this step, the team focuses mainly on planning about the process of putting together a video. The other process that involves in pre-production stage are:

  • Writing script about the video and storyboarding
  • Making the storyboard
  • Setting a production schedule
  • Selecting location or Creation of graphics


Production is the second stage of the video production process. In this segment video scenes will officially be shot in the fixed pre-planned time or the video creation will start on software. A camera crew helps to shoot the video scenes and the crew member focuses on lighting, angles, dialogue delivery by the artist and location to make a video appealing to its viewers. The main task of production is to capture the main projected asset. It is the most time consuming and sensitive part of any video project. Production demands a well managed team that can control and function well while facing different issues or obstacles while shooting. The completion of this stage depends on the complexity in the video. (include few lines about video creation in software too, how it is done) Different software is need to be download in order to create videos, like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Powtoon, Bynder, where a relevant character, voiceover, concept is include with a pre-shoot or pre-existing video and tools optimizations is done by different softwares to create rich video content, to share in various social-media platforms successfully for achieving its goal.


Post-production process starts after the shots are being collected and assembled. This is the final and most important process of video production. During this process the video and audio will be edited with different effects. songs, background music etc. High quality video makes this process a little easier. In this step the video will be cleaned up, any error present in the video will be corrected, the video clips and unnecessary footage will be cut according to its relevance. Colour correction and resolution, adding of text, appropriate titles, images or songs will be done before re-recording of the whole video and distribution.


What are video production experts?

People who are involved in planning, creating, processing, managing, creating video content, uploading editing and all aspects of a video making process including making all kinds of videos are known as video production exparts or specialists. Video production exparts may not be involved directly in video recording or editing, but they must have experience in these fields including with cameras using recording tools and managing an atmosphere for shooting. The main role of a video production expert is:

  • Creating content for the company to promote its product
  • Project management
  • Strong technical management
  • Involvement in post-production process.

Cost of Video

How much does a 2 minute video cost?

Time,talent and tools are three major factors that are responsible for estimating and bringing difference in cost for video making. According to the market research, the approximate cost of a two minutes web video is between $1,500 to $3000, but the cost differs from each video style and type. For corporate professional web videos the price will be around $5k – $20k approximately.

How much does a 10 minute video cost?

On the basis of video length, cut per minute on the video, special effects, script writing, location, tools involved in editing, the rate or any video is estimated. The cost for a 10 minutes video will be between 15k to 100k approximately, depending on its style and production charge. To create some corporate video by professionals,the production can charge according to their budget.

Examples of Web Video Production


Yeti is pretty much an ideal content developer that earned a reputation for its authentic storytelling to its target audience. Yeti’s videos don’t hit the viewer over the head with it’s product, it cultivates and conveys authentic unique stories that relate with the product and focuses on establishing the core values of the company. The purpose of these videos are not to sell the product directly, but to establish the brand’s loyalty to its customers. And the videos are a reflection of its purpose.


IKEA is one of the largest retailer companies in the world that offers best quality with an affordable price for its customers through optimizing its entire value chain. Through the internet marketing it reflects IKEA’s new sales tools.


LTI is a global technology consulting and digital solution company which provides access to 250 clients who succeed in a converging competitive world. With its connected insurance, smart elevator and maintenance as-a-service offerings companies can rethink about providing services with ‘smart homes’ and other devices in a digital world.

Omega Pharma

Omega Pharma is a specialist, very popular and trustable company in the medicine sector over all health products. With all its innovative products, Omega Pharma aims to offer consumers the possibility of pursuing a health lifestyle and leading a better life. The web videos are a reflection of it and the videos also help to achieve its goal overtime.

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