Professional Video Production Company

What is a professional video production company?

The word ‘video’ is an umbrella term. It can mean anything from a video shot on a smartphone for Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram stories to professional videos created by large production firms. 

Instagram and Facebook stories do not require much hands-on expertise. Anyone can do it. However, suppose you want to convey a brand and engage a larger audience. In that case, you’d need high-quality equipment and services which only a professional video production company can provide. They create video content for all your marketing needs to enhance your business, sales and profits. 

At Crust Videos, our video production company, we are aware of the talent and work that goes into making a video. We provide end-to-end professional animation services from scripting, story-boarding, animating to editing to give you a complete experience. Check out some of our work here.

Types of video production companies:

Companies that provide their services to other firms, non-profits, and educational institutes in need of a professional video to tell their stories, promote a brand, or enhance company sales & revenue are called video production companies. There are various types of video production companies that specialize in specific things such as car commercials, restaurant commercials, films, weddings, or corporate commercials.

Top 5 film production companies in India:

Let’s first understand what a ‘film’ is. Films usually refer to a movie or a cinema. Still, it can mean anything like a TV show or a music video. Technically speaking, films are nothing but motion pictures or moving pictures. They are created by projecting still images onto a screen in rapid succession to create an illusion of movement.

What does a film production company do? They produce, create and distribute movies, TV shows, or music videos to promote a brand and generate revenues & profits. 

Some film production companies in India are

  1. Madras Talkies, Chennai
  2. PVR Pictures, Gurgaon
  3. Aamir Khan Productions, Mumbai
  4. Bhansali Productions, Mumbai
  5. T-Series, Mumbai.

List of good video production companies in the USA:

Usually, good video production companies have a good online rating and customer reviews. They are excellent indicators for quality services provided to their customers. Here in this blog, we have compiled good companies having good customer ratings and reviews.

Best video production companies in NYC

  • Alchemy Creative was founded in 2010. They specialize in strategy, creative production, distribution, editorial, motion design, film production, video production, photography, creative services, marketing, media production, animation, storytelling, branded content, advertising, production planning, photography production, color correction, motion graphics, logo animation, product storytelling, product launch videos, and lifestyle.
  • Indigo Productions was founded in 1990. They specialize in TV commercials, music videos, corporate videos, viral videos, brand videos, promo videos, documentaries, independent films, title sequences, movie trailers, concert visuals, web videos, sizzle reels, and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Blue Chalk Media is an award-winning media production company founded by people who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling. The company was founded in Brooklyn, NYC, United States.
  • Top Notch Cinema was founded in 2014. They specialize in film production, corporate video production, animation, business video production, corporate video, web video production, video editing, whiteboard animation, event coverage, and company profile videos.
  • Multivision Digital Productions was founded in 2011. They specialize in business website marketing videos, online video advertising, website video marketing commercial, business internet video production, b2b sales video, business video advertising for websites, NY corporate website video production services, and remote video Production.

Best video production companies in Los Angeles

  • RIP Media Group was founded in 2007. They specialize in video production, animation production, web videos, motion graphic animation, marketing videos, whiteboard animation video, digital marketing, commercial production, sales videos, corporate video, 3D animation, infographics, medical animation, 2D animation, and explainer videos.
  • Miller/Datri Entertainment was founded in 2017. They specialize in branded content, film production, social media, branded entertainment, digital distribution, episodic content, documentaries, video marketing, startups, brands, video production, documentary, and docu-series.
  • PluckStudio was founded in 2019. They specialize in TV commercial production services, corporate video production services, advertising agency, and Video production.
  • Magic Beans Creative was founded in 2012. They specialize in storytelling, kid-friendly creative campaigns, and digital and social media marketing.
  • Lord Danger was founded in 2011. They specialize in branded content, advertising, production, commercial production, and music videos.

Best video production companies in Chicago

  • Bottle Rocket Media was founded in 2011. They specialize in video production, editing, storytelling, motion graphics, marketing support, video content strategy, virtual event production, and promotional video.
  • Demo Duck specializes in explainer video, animated video, live video, viral video, educational video, customer testimonials, company stories, tutorial videos, commercials, branded videos, motion graphics, and advertising.
  • Big Teeth Films & Animation was founded in 2005. They specialize in content marketing – video, brand content, animation, motion graphics, brand film, video strategy, video production, and creative development.
  • SolidLine Media was founded in 2001. They specialize in video production, motion graphics, 3d animation, brand films, corporate videos, commercials, post-production services, promotional videos, educational videos, and ENG Crew.
  • Flightless Bird Creative was founded in 2014. They specialize in commercials, promotional videos, music videos, feature films, and short films.

Three reasons why you need professional video production company services:

  1. Videos present an effective marketing tool for your business: Have you ever wondered how many people watch videos online and what the numbers are like? That’s 78 %! To put that into perspective, nearly eight out of every ten people watch videos online (Hubspot market survey). And, by 2022, online videos would make over 82% of all content consumed on the internet(CISCO). Simply put, the internet presents to us a vast opportunity for growth. And, if you use videos as a marketing tool, you’re most likely to enhance sales and revenue for your business.
  1. We have all gotten hooked on smartphones: How many of us here can say I can live a day without my smartphone? “Well, a day, Yes!” But you get my point, smartphones today have become an indispensable part of our lives. We use them daily for our communication, entertainment, and source of information. Did you know nine out of every tenth person use mobile rather than a computer to go online? That’s more than 4.28 billion people! They could potentially be your happy customers if you can find creative ways to engage them with your videos. (Source: Statistica Research Department).
  1. Google loves video: Probably you should too! If that doesn’t convince you, maybe you should consider looking at Google search results. They not only provide you a link to a blog but also links to YouTube videos. I’d highly recommend, you have a video too for all your business and marketing needs. At Crust Videos, we provide end-to-end professional animation video production services. Check out some of our work here.

How to find a video production company or agency near me?

Google search engines provide excellent service by listing companies closest to you, along with customer reviews and ratings. Check those out to decide if you’d like to take their services. A rating of 4.5 and above is a good rating. Also, do check if these companies have enough positive reviews before narrowing in on them.

Five steps to help you choose the best services of video production companies for your business:

When it comes to deciding on what’s best for your business, you’ve got to cover all of your bases. Today it can’t just be about writing a good blog. You must be willing to go above and beyond when it comes to creating good content. This means being able to tell your stories in different ways. And what better way to do it than to create amazing videos. Here are 5 ways to help you choose the best services of video production companies for your business.

  1. Research: Do an online research of production companies. If you were to buy a smartphone, you’d research all their features and specifications. Similarly, compare multiple companies to one another to narrow down on your options.
  1. Customer reviews and ratings: They are an excellent indicator for quality services provided to their customers. Usually a rating of 4.5 and above (on a scale of 5) is a good rating. Do check customer reviews to understand their product and services.
  1. Budget: Just to help you understand, the cost of a standard promotional business video can range anything between USD 500 to USD 200k. And, a 60-sec promo video can cost between USD 500 to USD 5K. However, keep in mind that you may have to pay more than your planned budget.
  1. Being open-minded: If you want to attract new customers and keep the old ones, be open minded. Be open to innovations and suggestions provided by the production companies. They have been longer in the business and know what works and what doesn’t.
  1. Communication: Last but not the least. An effective communication goes a long way in helping production companies understand what your needs are. Be crystal clear on your objectives, and what you expect from production companies – very important!


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