What is Commercial Video Production?

What is commercial video production


A commercial video production is a kind of short branding oriented video that disclose about the product and service and helps to promote the company. Unlike explainer video, a commercial video deals with mostly establishing the brand’s loyalty and inspires a call to action. Some of major characteristics feature of commercial video are:

  • Seek to establish an emotional connection with its target audience.and
  • Feature profesional on screen and voice talent
  • It develops with a high production quality.

A successful commercial video helps in influencing its target audience, helps in establishing the brand through its authentic content and spreads brand awareness. This type of video is specially produced for Tv, social media or other parts of the internet.


What do video production companies do?


A video production company works on the process of producing video content for corporate sectors commercial purpose or other media related fields. Video production companies involved in scripting, story selecting location, storyboarding, making video, graphics editing Etc. A production company is responsible for project creating and promoting a video content.

Types of Commercial Video Production​

Advertising video


Video advertising circles around online display promotions that have video within them, but it appears before or after or during a particular video stream to promote a target service.
Advertising video generally helps in increasing a brand’s awareness. The advertising units used as pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll and all these videos are similar to spot ads on TV. Broadcast websites such as Sky.com and itv.com have such advertising on their sites. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau(IAB) three types of Advertising video are:

  • Linier
  • Non-linier
  • Companion Ads

TV commercial

 Tv commercials/ advert are a span of television programming produced and created by an organization and paid for by the company too. It aims to market a company’s product or service by establishing a brand’s awareness and convey a message through its thought-provoking content. Apple- “1984”, Coca-cola “Meet joe Greene”, Energizer- “Escape of the bunny”, McDonald- “The Showdown”, Budweiser- Branding game and contest”, Vogue- 60 seconds to Chic are some popular tv commercials.

Music Video

A music video is a short film of variable length that includes various songs or albums with imagery that is created for multiple promotional purposes. The music video is used as a wide range of styles and various video-making techniques, including animation, live-action, documentary, and so on. It is a type of message to influence its audience about the product to promote the brand, artist, and company’s service through an entertaining medium.

How to promote commercial video production?


Commercial video production is a short-form video that briefly describes product, service, and brand promise. Some beneficial ways to promote a video production are:

  • Invest in a visually catchy delightful website
  • Need to build a perfect portfolio
  • Enhance your work
  • Making good use of hosting platforms (YouTube, Brightcove, Sprout Video Etc.)
  • Publishing relevant thoughtful content to promote the brand.
  • Boost the SEO
  • Need to be active and promote the product through social media
  • Strategic Email campaigns
  • Strengthen the branding.


What is non-profit video production?


Non-profit video production means those company or production that depends on charity or fund by an established organization for financial purpose and the profit must cycle right back into the company, cant is distributed to any other company or organizations. Some popular non-profit video productions are:

  • Whitney Media Productions
  • StartMotion Media
  • Demo Duck
  • Crust videos

List of some biggest commercial video companies


Some biggest commercial video production are:

  • BX films
  • Demo Duck
  • The DVI Group
  • SparkHouse
  • Apple Tree production
  • Studiotale
  • Black mirror Arts- “Inspiring creative genius”