How to make a Business Promotional Video?

Business Video Production

What is Business Promotional video?​

Video production process includes 3 major steps- Pre-production, production and Post-production. With the growth of technology video can be distributed in different digital formats- such as Moving Picture Experts Group (.mpeg, .mp4, .mpg), Audio Video Interleave (.avi), QuickTime (.mov), Windows Media Video(.wmv) DivX (.divx).

Cost of a Business Promotional Video

Quality, type, time, length, concept, footage, editing are some major factors involved in video making that are directly responsible for estimating a cost for the video. The longer the video, the more elements are involved in the storyboarding process. In order to bring variation in the video that needs to be shot in multiple locations, and the more footage will be shot the more cost will be fixed for the video. Thus all these factors are interlinked with one another. A standard cost for a promotional business video can range from $3k for the simplest possible projects, upto $50k to 200k or beyond depending on the complexity and layers present in the video. According to Advids research, a 60 sec promo video cost is between $1000-$5000.

What are small business promotional videos?

Small business promotional videos are different from professional corporate videos. It generally focuses on promoting small business products through various platforms. In the present scenario, during a pandemic crisis many small businesses get affected immensely for the lack of communication, economical imbalance, loss of employees. The crisis has caused massive dislocation for small businesses just after several weeks of its onset. According to PNAS research 43% of businesses have closed for pandemic. During this time video through different platform turns into a very effective tools to promote any small business easily with less expenditure.The main 3 types of small business professional video is discussed further:

YouTube business promotional video

YouTube is considered as the second largest engine and social media platform and website in the world in terms of grabbing audiences and engaging them by increasing awareness for any particular thing. It not only helps in developing or improving SEO and overall brand’s presence, but also allows marketers to present or share unique ideas/information in a big platform with more than 1billion registered subscribers. Thus YouTube business videos proved to be very successful and beneficial for small businesses to promote their ideas to its audience to connect with them easily even in crises like pandemic.

Music business video

“The music business used to be an audio business, and then it became an audio-visual business. Now i think it’s going to become a visual-audio business”    

                                                                                               ___ Lyor Cohen

Music is something that can attract an audience in the shortest span of time, and helps to heal the emotion of people, it’s a key of engagement. Marketers use this tool often to promote products through various music videos, so that their idea and the brand can leave a long lasting impact on its audience, which will directly help in improving the brand’s market value and awareness.

Product promotion video

Product videos have a spectacular impact compared to just plain text sales pitch. From attracting more traffic information to boost consumers’ confidence in the product, creating brand value product videos are very effective and successful to promote a brand. The word product promotion suggests disseminating the information about a product, product line, service, brand or company to its target consumers with the intent to generate sales and develop a brand’s loyalty.
A good successful product video demands:

  1. Engaging dialogue and narratio
  2. Long simple and clear content that can connect with the audience easily
  3. Professionalism
  4. Relevance, empathy and relatability

Examples of some popular product promotional videos are:

  • Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades are Great
  • Lux
  • Purple Feather: The Power of Words
  • Apple: The Only Thing That’s Changed
  • InVision: Design Disruption

Some examples of business promotional video


Nike is a reputed brand that earned popularity worldwide for its sports clothing. The video that promotes this brand is of Nike football Academy that encourages young soccer, unsigned players, looking to be signed by professional clubs with its “Just do it”   slogans. This video is a reflection of its brand purpose which supports and motivates young talent to be a skilled player to achieve their goal with the help of its cloth wear.


The short catchy promotional video of Adidas with “Be You” campaign slogans focused on motivating and empowering athletes to be themselves when facing challenges.


“Because You’re Worth It”  is a message from 1973, presently used by L’Oreal’s business promotional video to convince women and to challenge the patriarchal notion of women ‘s fake identity and unable to acknowledge their real beauty. L’Oreal finds a very simple yet interesting way to challenge the conservative notion and to support one’s individuality through involving women in their promo.

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